Advanced Pet Dentistry

All About Animals provides advanced pet dental procedures for dogs and cats, including ultrasonic teeth cleaning and surgical extraction. Our facility provides your pet the absolute highest quality dentistry.

Your pet’s teeth and mouth are prone to disease and decay just like yours. If your pet has a bad tooth or infected gums, the pain can lead to lack of appetite, and infection can erode the immune system to allow for secondary, more serious infections.  

What to Expect at Your Pet’s Veterinary Dentistry Visit

Since animals cannot sit still for a thorough dental evaluation, teeth cleaning, and other dental work, general anesthesia is necessary. To guarantee the safest outcome, we recommend all patients undergoing an anesthetic procedure have the following:

  • Pre-operative Health Exam
  • IV Fluids & IV Catheter Placement
  • Presurgical Blood Panel
  • Individual Pain Management Plan

Your pet’s safety and comfort are important to us. We closely monitor your pet’s respiratory rate, pulse, temperature, and blood oxygen level throughout the procedure and into recovery. All animals undergoing dental procedures are generally admitted and discharged from the hospital the same day, and we will provide information regarding post-operative care. Most medications are sent home at the time of your visit. If unavailable in house, they can be filled at our onsite veterinary pharmacy for your convenience.

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